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About Us

Welcome to MINKATO


MINKATO is an independent clothing brand that we started way back in 2019. We create stunning and innovative designs and print them on t-shirts. Our funky and creative products are designed and printed specifically to spread happiness. We love doing what we do that's why we do it – DIRECT DIL SE !!!


Made in India

We are very much inspired by the make in India movement.

we always prefer India first

we are proud to be Indians

Each and every product on MINKATO are made with love in India


We are committed to quality  

We assure for our product quality and professional values that we adhere to. Our prime focus is to achieve customers satisfaction with every sale. Not only do we believe in consistency and high level of commitment but also a little bit of personal touch in every order we take. Our record proves that we pay attention to every tiny detail of the customer's needs and provide him/her no less than what they expected.

Simple approach

You will not find it difficult or complicated at all as we have kept our website very simple and user friendly. It makes it easy for customers to order online. We are always open to feedback and ensure that customer have easy experience in ordering.

Customized order

Getting your personalized product with your own design or idea is really easy for our team to execute.

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Need to talk to us?

Mail us on: or call on +91 - 7900144201 (Mon-Fri, 11 AM - 6 PM)